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Villages in the holiday region Lienzer Dolomiten


The holiday region Lienzer Dolomiten is situated in Osttyrol in Austria. This region is in all seasons – no matter if it is spring, summer, autumn or winter – an ideal destination for the whole family. Nine marvellous holiday villages and two outstanding ski-runs-Hochstein and Zettersfeld - are waiting for you.
The holiday villages in the region Lienzer Dolomiten
Amlach The little village Amlach has about 300 inhabitants and is situated in the south of the city Lienz. If you want to relax body and soul, this village will be perfect for that. A peculiarity is the lake Tristachersee, which is only 2 kilometres away from Amlach.
Gaimberg Gaimberg has about 740 inhabitants and is situated in the north of Lienz, near the Zettersfeld. Gaimberg consists of several districts: Ober- und Untergaimberg, Grafendorf, Postleite and the Zettersfeld. Gaimberg is the starting point of dreamlike walks along the valley or up, in direction of the Zettersfeld.
Thurn The community Thurn counts about 640 inhabitants and is situated 2 kilometres north of Lienz on the mountain of the city – Zettersfeld. Thurn consists of several districts: Thurn-Dorf, Oberdorf, Zauche, Prappernitze and Zettersfeld. There gastronomy of high quality is found, where you can feel like home.
Leisach Leisach is lying on the western border of Lienz. The districts Burgfrieden, Gries and Leisach-Dorf count 840 inhabitants. Characteristic for this divine village are the family-friendly paths.
Nikolsdorf Nikolsdorf is situated on the southern border of Lienz. There are about 900 people living in this picturesque village. Best accommodation as well as action, adventure, sports and fun for the whole family.
Iselsberg Iselsberg has about 500 inhabitants. It is situated above the valley on a terrace with a fantastic view over the Lienzer Dolomiten. Iselsberg borders on the National Park Hohe Tauern and is lying at the beginning of the Großglockner Hochalpenstraße.
Tristach The holiday village Tristach is the home of 1.200 people and is found 3 kilometres away from Lienz. Directly below the Lienzer Dolomiten Tristach offers ideal conditions for mountain and nature freaks and all people who need a holiday from everyday life.
Dölsach In Dölsach there are about 2.200 people living. This marvellous village is a paradise for all who appreciate nature, hospitality and plain fare.
Lavant Lavant counts about 250 inhabitants and is lying 7 kilometres away from Lienz. This holiday village is a starting point for tours mountain-tours and walks.

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